We work with personal GSM-GOIP gateway suppliers to collect direct voice terminations, we also work in partnership with telecommunication companies from all around the world acquiring interconnections and competitive routes from its global partners with the best terms and conditions. We offer premium routing A-Z to carriers with our commitment to the highest standards of business conduct in dealing with distributors and consumers and to maximize profitability in their international voice operations.


We aim to provide a comprehensive range of world-class technology infrastructure solutions to support and drive growth for your business. Sunrise IDC has gained recognition and trust from a small group of  customers since our establishment and we are currently expanding  the infrastructure in Hong  Kong and Mainland China.


The SMS service Sunrise Telecom offers is a compelling communication channel for effective, two-way interaction throughout the world. Attracted by the unique characteristics offered by SMS, people are increasingly utilising the anytime, anywhere mobile channel as part of a multichannel communication. 

Call Center

Inbound and outbound call center service from Asia Sunrise Telecom facilicates your business.


If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us via email: interconnect@asiasunrisetel.com
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